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Battery Powered Remote Racking is Here!


The newest and most highly anticipated accessory in the product line for the inoRAC2 Universal Remote Racking device is a rechargeable UPS Battery Power System. This optional accessory allows the unit to perform all functions, racking and operations, using battery power instead of 110v electrical outlets. Extension cords are no longer required! The Battery Power System will allow the inoRAC2 approximately 1 hour of usage before requiring a recharge. It was designed to aid customers who are in outages, have lost power for any reason, or have remote breakers or substations where the usage of cables is difficult.

The inoRAC2 is the most versatile, technologically advanced Remote Racking product on the market, with over 100 breaker connection tools available. No switchgear modifications are required. Unlike competing products, the unit monitors torque and breaker position during the entire racking process, providing optimal equipment protection while eliminating the risk for personnel.

Battery Power Systems are available for all inoRAC2 Remote Racking devices today – call for your free onsite demonstration of this life-saving product! 1-844-INOLECT

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New Product Release – ABB Advac Actuator

Many of you know that inoLECT manufactures a universal, technologically-advanced Remote Circuit Breaker Racking Device, the inoRAC2, which eliminates the risk of Arc Flash to personnel. The newest addition to the inoRAC Product Line is the ABB Advac Actuator, which allows compatibility with Advac circuit breakers.

The custom-designed tool is a lightweight, aluminum housing, surrounding a linear actuator equipped with a roller. It easily attaches to switchgear doors with industrial-strength magnets and requires no modifications. When operating, the actuator/roller engages the breaker’s interlock lever, allowing it to perform disengage/engage functions. The tool is installed quickly, very user-friendly and requires one connection cable.

This is only one of the many solutions that make the inoRAC2 the most universal remote racking product on the market. Unlike competitors, the inoRAC2 provides optimal breaker protection by monitoring torque and breaker position, and applying torque only when needed. It is also the only device available that stores breaker profiles for easy access next time it it needed.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.36.23 PMSchedule a free demo by calling 1-844-inoLECT or watch the ADVAC video online here.

Hazard Reduction by Vacuum Roll-in Replacement Breakers

breakerinoLECT is an authorized reseller of Siemens MV Vacuum Roll-in Replacement Breakers. Replacing breakers increases the reliability, safety and performance of your site, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Siemens offers the best Vacuum Circuit Breaker in the industry, and when paired with a Remote Racking unit, can eliminate the risk of Arc Flash hazards. Regardless of the type of current breakers you have onsite, we will assist you in finding the replacement which best meets your needs. Contact us today for details or a price quote. Click here for more information.