inoRAC2 Portable Remote Racking System

The inoRAC2 Portable Remote Racking System adds mobility to your safety racking procedures. It features the same easy setup, step-by-step instructions, and great features and benefits as the original inoRAC, but allows portability like no other competing product. The control panel and touchscreen have been removed from the base unit, and placed in cases for easy relocation. Watch the video to see just how simple this life-saving product is to use.


What’s My Next Move? Arc Flash Remediation

Remediation_blogArc Flash Remediation is the process of developing a plan to correct deficiencies within your electrical system. We’ll be hosting seminars in the upcoming months, in different areas of our customer base, to touch on the importance of Remediation planning. We’ll discuss solutions for optimum system performance, for whatever plant size, budget and time constraints you may have. Learn more about the steps you can take to move towards a safe and reliable system. Click here to inquire if there’s a seminar happening near you.

Hazard Reduction by Vacuum Roll-in Replacement Breakers

breakerinoLECT is an authorized reseller of Siemens MV Vacuum Roll-in Replacement Breakers. Replacing breakers increases the reliability, safety and performance of your site, while reducing operating and maintenance costs. Siemens offers the best Vacuum Circuit Breaker in the industry, and when paired with a Remote Racking unit, can eliminate the risk of Arc Flash hazards. Regardless of the type of current breakers you have onsite, we will assist you in finding the replacement which best meets your needs. Contact us today for details or a price quote. Click here for more information.

Consider the Facts: Arc Flash Hazards


Random samples, the null hypothesis and bell curves are but distant concepts learned taking statistics in a college class long ago.  Yet, statistics are used daily, and one cannot escape using or being a part of a statistic.  Without knowing how well you performed [statistically] it is difficult to forecast any future event.  For example, your favorite baseball team has the lead at the bottom of the 9th inning.  The coach signals the bullpen to send in the “closer.”  Why?   Based on statistics, the closer is proven to be effective in getting the remaining outs to win the game. 

So what do statistics and baseball have to do with inoLECT?

Many of our readers are customers of inoLECT and take advantage of the many products and services we provide, including the inoRAC Remote Racking device.  Numerous customers have seen an inoRAC demonstration and agree it is a well-engineered product beneficial in removing personnel from hazards and protecting equipment.  Yet, many have not purchased the inoRAC, or any other device, as they do not see any issue for their particular plant.  “We’ve been doing it like this for 20 years without any incident” or “we never perform work, unless we have a dead bus” are some of the statements commonly heard when considering safety equipment in a plant.  Perhaps statistics do not concern them?  Perhaps they think electrical safety is just nonsense born from safety directors with nothing better to do?  Perhaps they believe they are in no danger of being the next plot on a bell curve? 

Consider this: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that electrocution is the fifth leading cause of work place fatalities in the US.  Electrical Safety Foundation International reports that every 30 minutes during the work day, a worker suffers an electrically induced injury that requires time off the job for recovery.  Over the last ten years, more than 45,000 workers have been injured from on-the-job electrical hazards.  OSHA reports that 80% of electrically related accidents and fatalities involving “Qualified Workers” are caused by arc flash / arc blast.  Between 2007 and 2011, more than 2,880 fines were assessed for not meeting OSHA regulation 1910.132(d) which averages out to 1.5 fines a day.  97% of electricians have been shocked or injured on the job. These are merely just statistics. They really don’t matter, do they?

Consider the facts:

  • Arc Flash is the sudden release of electrical energy through the air following a phase-to-phase or phase-to-ground fault.  The resulting force produced is known as the Arc Blast.
  • The core of the arc flash can reach temperatures of 35,000℉ (19427℃) in less than 1/1000th of a second, which is four times the temperature of the sun’s surface.
  • The intense heat turns copper instantly into a plasma state making it expand 67,000 times its solid-state size.
  • The quick expansion of copper causes a pressure wave measured at thousands of pounds, which propels shrapnel, nuts, bolts and debris at speeds up to 700 miles per hour.
  • The light flash produced is intense enough to damage human sight.
  • The sound wave can exceed 165 dB causing permanent hearing damage.

 The paradigm of yesterday is truth today and the dangers of arc flash are violent and real.  It is imperative that each facility review and regard steps to prevent electrical hazards as a serious matter when presented with statistical data. There are many factors when considering adding safety equipment, such as the inoRAC Remote Racking device. However, the absence of a decision is a decision that is costly.  Statistics and facts are two issues that cannot be eluded. 

It’s the bottom of the 9th inning.  Are you ready to send in the closer?  Statistically, the inoRAC will help get the win.

VPPPA Safety & Health Conference

ImageWe’re excited to be participating in this year’s VPPPA Safety and Health Conference in Nashville, TN. The 29th Annual show will take place on August 26th – 29th, at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center in the heart of Nashville. Come by and check out booth #1007 in the exhibit hall. We’ll have product demonstrations, prizes and give-aways.

The four-day conference offers attendees countless opportunities to network, learn and advance as leaders in occupational safety and health. Features include: two full days of workshops addressing current safety, health and environmental issues; inspiring keynote and general session speakers; the VPPPA Expo 2013 with vendors showcasing their cutting-edge products and services; and evening receptions and other social activities that provide the perfect setting for attendees to network and exchange best practices.

VPPPA conference participants represent a wide range of individuals involved in safety and health. Safety and health managers, employee safety team members, industrial hygienists, union representatives, consultants, environmental health specialists, human resource managers and government agency representatives from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Energy (DOE) all come together for networking and education. Click here for for registration info.

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Preventative Maintenance Saves Lives

SONY DSCWe all know that every plant requires preventative maintenance to stay healthy and productive, but how often do you test and clean your overcurrent protective devices? Outdated and neglected overcurrent devices can adversely affect results of an arc flash study.  Electrical equipment that is “out of sight, out of mind” is often unattended for long periods, which could result in catastrophic failures. Preventative maintenance is important to maintain a healthy and productive plant and is critical in the protection of personnel and equipment.

Consider this; the IEEE paper Protective Devices Maintenance as it Applies to the Arc Flash Hazard states “several studies have shown that low-voltage power circuit breakers which are not maintained within a 5 year period, have an average of 50% failure rate.”  The same document goes on to state “industry standards for, as well as manufacturers of, low-voltage power circuits recommend a general inspection and lubrication after a specified number of operations or at least once per year, whichever comes first.”

Section 130.5 of the 2012 edition of  NFPA 70E Handbook for Electrical Safety in the Workplace states “the arc flash hazard analysis must also take in to consideration the design of the overcurrent protective device and its opening time, including its condition of maintenance.”

inoLECT’s Field Service Engineers and Technicians are trained and ready to ensure your protective devices operate correctly.  Call us today to schedule your over-current protective device maintenance.

National Safety Month

NSC-2013NSM-PosterEach June, the United States National Safety Council encourages organizations to get involved and participate in National Safety Month. NSM is an annual observance to educate and influence behaviors around leading causes of preventable injuries and deaths. This year, the NSC is celebrating 100 years of dedication to safety. Successful organizations engage everyone in safety and create a culture where people feel a personal responsibility not only for their own safety, but for that of their coworkers, family and friends. Click here for free NSM materials from the National Safety Council.

Saudi Aramco Global Reliability Forum 2013

inoLECT booth #129We’re exhibiting at the Saudi Aramco Global Reliability Forum today and tomorrow, at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Houston, TX. If you’re in the area, stop by booth #129 for prizes, give-aways and to see our new Remote Racking product, the inoRAC2. This product is the latest in the inoRAC family of Remote Racking solutions. It’s boasts a high-definition color touchscreen, with easy to follow directions for operation, as well as position indicators for efficient racking. Read more about it here.